SČLP vydává komuniké shrnující panelovou diskuzi na pařížské Airshow

V návaznosti na panelovou diskusi na téma “Improving position of smaller European aerospace industries within European institutions”, která se z iniciativy SČLP uskutečnila v českém pavilonu na Aerosalonu v Paříži dne 17.6.2015 vydáváme následující komuniké, které shrnuje závěry panelu.

Communiqué regarding new initiative

Improving position of smaller European aerospace industries within European institutions”

On 17th June 2015 during Paris Air Show CCAI held a panel discussion titled “Improving position of smaller European aerospace industries within European institutions”. Several interesting conclusions that we would like to summarize below came were made:

  1. Many European companies are tier two suppliers with limited role in major European research and development programs, yet they form crucial part of the supply chain of European major OEMs, which cannot succeed without competent and stable suppliers. We consider it highly desirable to support the supply chains in smaller European countries as it would ultimately improve the position of the European major players, as well as protect and expand know how and employment in the aerospace and defense sector.
  2. Europe still has quite strong defense industry and it is a mistake that defense applications are generally excluded from support. Europe would benefit from stronger defense industry in many ways, not just through direct economic impacts of increased exports of the defense related goods. Majority of the defense suppliers is also active on the field of civilian applications, therefore innovations in defense technologies and capabilities have strong impact on position and performance of the European supply chain on civil markets. Last but not least, in today’s global security environment, European defense industry capabilities are again important aspect for assuring European safety and security.
  3. Regardless of measures and policies to the contrary, many supported research and development projects are still without practical, positive economic impact. The principal reasons being either lack of actual intent to apply the results in the first place, or the fact that many projects are simply unsuccessful due to being unrealistic, underfunded or too risky. In both cases, the principal issue lies in the basic support policies and procedures, based on top down approach to selection of areas and projects eligible for support.

The aim of this initiative of CCAI is not create yet another organization or steering group. We would like to contribute to equal approach to opportunities for all countries; to point out that excluding defense sector and defense applications is not wise as it does not reflect current security situation worldwide. Furthermore, we want to contribute to change of top-down approach to bottom-up approach on projects financing.

Through this initiative we seek to promote more cooperation and information sharing between aviation and defense associations and their member companies in European countries in order to contribute to achieving the above listed tasks.

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