The production of aircraft interiors and equipment has grown and number of employees in Pilsen has increased over 60 percent

The Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. Company has introduced a new type of aircraft galleys for Airbus.

Production plants of Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. in Pilsen at Borská pole are currently producing 35 sets per month – composed of aircraft galleys and crew rests for Airbus that is approximately 5 more than in 2013. The number of employees has grown from May 2013 from 520 to 850 in Pilsen with the annual turnover increase to estimated 74 million Euros in 2014. In Pilsen production area is currently being developed new product – innovation of the kitchen module that will have significant positive economic impact for the turnover of the airlines. Suppliers of the components for Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. are to the large extent Czech manufacturers.


Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. specializes in aircraft galleys manufacturing and crew rests for the flight crew. They hold nearly a 90% market share of crew rests for the flight crew of Airbuses A330 and in 2013 became a soul supplier of new aircraft galleys for Airbuses A320, which lead to expansion of the factory grounds at Borská pole in Pilsen by a new manufacturing hall. The Pilsen plants have a monthly production of 35 Ship-sets (aircraft galleys and crew rests) that will be inserted on Airbus A320 planes. Last year it was 30 sets. “Thanks to the new manufacturing hall and new contracts the production has grown in a dynamic manner” states Joe Maxant, General Manager at Zodiac Galleys Europe. “Finished products are transported from Pilsen to Hamburg or Toulouse, where they are directly built into the aircraft.” he adds.

The expansion of production went hand in hand with the increase of employees.  The company is currently employing in Plzen, Czech Republic 850 employees which is 330 more employees than a year ago. The greatest increase was in the number of production workers, other non-manufacturing departments with increased numbers were Engineering, Warehouse and Quality” stated Joe Maxant, General Manager of Zodiac Galleys Europe. For the company Zodiac Galleys Europe works in total around 1000 employees (inclusive of the Netherlands and Tunisia plants). Assembly of sets require extremely specific skills from workers, this is due to input of thousands of tiny components and output of one product, entering the aircraft.

The company Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. extends also the portfolio of its products. Currently in cooperation with Airbus is developing new type of kitchen module. Its most important innovation is that allows an additional row of 6 seats for travellers. That means a major economic impact for the revenues of airliners.

Components for the products of the company Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. are supplied over 40 % by Czech suppliers. Kitchen modules and crew rests for pilots which come from Pilsen to the aircrafts are mainly composed from the components made in the Czech Republic. The ratio of the Czech suppliers the company Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. wants to yet increase by 60%.


Due to the increase in Demand, Zodiac Galley’s Europe organized a Supply chain event, rewarding the best performers with an award and Public acknowledgement. The demand of local supply chain has grown significantly, employing companies and hundreds of workers located in the Czech Republic, Central Europe, and going as far as Thailand. On the 27th of May 2014 the company Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. organized ‚Suppliers Day‘ during which awarded the best suppliers from its supply chain. The award for the Best Supplier of stable and timely supply in the 100% quality received the company MegTechnologies Inc., supplier of high quality connecting material for aircraft industry. The Award for the Best Improvement of the supplies and steady growth received company Groth Luftfahrt- und Systemtechnik GmbH & Co. KG that designs and produces equipment for kitchen modules and toilets for aircraft industry. And finally the award for the Best Support and Flexibility and also development based on the needs received the company Quittner & Schimek ltd. the supplier of the electronic equipment for the sophisticated applications in aircraft industry, army and telecommunication technologies.


Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. is the only Zodiac Aerospace plant in the Czech Republic. Zodiac Aerospace has been founded in 1896. It currently ranks among top 10 leading companies manufacturing aircraft interiors and equipment in the world and its shares is increasing. In their manufacturing plants and companies all over the globe the Zodiac Aerospace employs 30 000 people.

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