Case Study

The case study is provided to inspire engineering companies in the Czech Republic to join CCAI and they are elaborated by the CCAI members (previously purely mechanical engineering companies), which have successfully launched and penetrated to the aerospace industry sector.

Case study of mechanical engineering companies

The Czech mechanical engineering companies are getting involved in the aviation industry because of these crucial characteristics.

Key aspects, why the Czech mechanical engineering firms are fully qualified for aerospace production

  • Expertise developing and passing from generation to generation
  • Capabilities to implement highly innovative technical solutions
  • Continuity in development of its own know-how in engineering and technologies
  • Creativity to solve any technical issues and specific customers´ needs.
  • Outputs providing high level of functionalities and qualitative parameters
  • Growing qualifications, investments into new manufacturing technologies, improvements in management processes and efficient use of resources

STARTECH spol. s r.o.

A family enterprise, which started in 1996 as a producer of precision crucial parts for special servomotors, electron microscopes, nano-spectrometers and other scientific devices, and  which has gradually learnt to work with special alloys and materials (Ti, Al, Ni, Inconel, Hastelloy, Duplex, etc.) and implemented progressive software tools, CAD/CAM systems.

The aviation production launched in 2011 and brought many changes:

  • The company became  a member of the Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry (CCAI)
  • Progressively increasing investments into 5 axis machining centres (nine of them are in operation) and measuring tools & equipment
  • Certifying  aviation business and getting customers’ approvals (AS/EN 9100 rev.C)
  • Rocketing its turnover to 5.8 mil. EUR (2012) from 2.9 mil. EUR (2009)
  • Increasing its share up to 9% from aviation production
  • Hiring more qualified staff to 120 (2012) from 65 (2009)
  • 2011: started to deliver its first H80 turboprop engine regulation block
  • 2011: launched to deliver components for brake system for general aviation aircraft
  • 2012: delivered the first package of parts to galleys for Airbus A320 and A330
  • 2012: production of fuel pumps blocks for business jets
  • 2012: production of mechanical components for APUs
  • 2012: delivered the first hydraulic blocks for Airbus A320 and A350
  • 2013: production of Airbus A350 boxes for onboard electronics

STARTECH’s production facility

STARTECH spol s r.o. comments on its activities in the aviation industry:

„Our company had been affected by global economic downturn in 2009. As most of the companies in the world, the total turnover dropped significantly (almost 40%). In comparison with others, we did our homework ahead of time and started considering how we could stabilize our product portfolio. After studying full spectrum of different approaches, we decided to expand our customers’ portfolio in new sector, which seemed more resistant to similar fluctuations on the global markets, and as a result, this new sector – the aviation industry became our priority choice.”

“During 2010, we had achieved rapid improvements in our quality management system to match requirements of aviation customers (in other words to be fully compatible with EN/AS9100). Then, we started our active marketing campaign and negotiations with potential customers in the Czech Republic and abroad.  The pinnacle of this campaign was our recognition as a CCAI member. Joining CCAI brought us further development of contacts and opportunity to acquire new business.”

“The start of working for the aviation industry was challenging as we had to rebuild most of our internal processes from the very beginning and retain the continuity and growth of investments into new machineries, equipment and technologies. When we look back on it, we like to see that our intention to be part of the aviation industry was a vital choice – the aviation turnover in total figures grows by 5% annually, while we have been implementing new bigger aviation programs, which will accelerate the growth significantly in the following years.”

“The STARTECH Company has been recognized as an indispensable and a strategy supplier for several partners, well-known aerospace manufacturers involved in aerostructures, propulsions or space industry. Our plans incorporate further extensive investments (such as new production hall, further technology improvements especially in 5 axis milling and multifunctional machining), which lead us forward to increase aviation share to 20-30% of total revenues,” says Jan Šildberger, an owner of STARTECH spol. s r.o.

Znojemské strojírny s.r.o.

Znojemské strojírny, a Czech mechanical engineering company, was established in 1992 as a producer of high precision machined parts and subassemblies. The strategy vision: “Being recognized as a reliable supplier delivering machined parts with exceptional quality and with capability to increase its manufacturing expertise and investments into new technologies, processes, employees and management systems on all production levels.” This vision has been completely performed and accomplished since the very start of doing business.

Znojemské strojírny started manufacturing aviation parts in 2003 and the company was one of the founders of the Confederation of the Czech aviation industry (CCAI) in 2011.

Characteristics of its involvement in the aviation industry:

  • Continuously implementing investments into new machineries (purchase of modern multifunctional machining centres), IT systems and control tools and equipment
  • Growing number of qualified employees (120 staff in 2012)
  • Increasing aviation revenues on the total turnover (32% in 2012)

Importance of being part of the aviation industry for Znojemské stojírny means:

  • Capabilities of delivering products for the aviation industry foster the portfolio of customers
  • The aviation industry is a stable industrial sector, especially in the last years and in short-term prospects
  • Demanding requirements for innovations and production efficiency are in compliance with the company’s strategy
  • Quality management system delivers higher values for the company and other partners involved in the aviation business as well

In order to satisfy customers’ requirements in the aviation, Znojemské stojírny has been driven towards:

  • Continuously running investments maintaining high level of competitiveness
  • Flexibility to offer requested capacities for the needs of CCAI’s partners
  • Increase in performance in all parameters of doing business