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Project: Reinforced local supply chain

CCAI is represented by highly capable aviation suppliers, which have been enhancing its involvement in the programs managed by CCAI integrators. Their long term competitiveness and aviation expertise are driven by increasing volume of activities for the aviation customers, their positive reference and implementation of quality standards. These members might be an inspiration for dozens of mechanical engineering companies working in the Czech Republic to be also involved, provided they are interested and flexible to meet demanding requirements for the aviation sector, especially necessity to invest and on-time deliveries.

In that regards, CCAI primarily offers membership to all manufacturing and engineering companies in the Czech Republic, which could contribute to continuity of the aviation tradition, its diversity and product complexity. CCAI is a respected organisation supporting improvements of its members in the production area.

CCAI welcomes new members, which are ready to participate on delivering products with high quality and reliability and which have interest to push its boundaries higher to the environment characterised by superior quality and unmatched efficiency. The reward for this effort and investment to become a CCAI member is an access to the best skills, know-how and core competencies, which make any company truly unique on the global markets.

If you are interested, please contact:

Alice Undusová
Executive Director