The CCAI’s board of directors and the supervisory board consist of senior executives from the CCAI’s member companies.

The CCAI’s board of directors shall be elected and appointed by the members of the CCAI and it currently consists of six representatives including the President, Vice President and other members.

Board of Directors

President                                                   Aero Vodochody Aerospace a.s. – Giuseppe Giordo
Vice President    GE Aviation Czech s.r.o. – Milan Šlapák
   Jihlavan a.s. – Milan Daněk
   LA Composite s.r.o. – Přemysl Hobza
   LOM Praha s.p. – Roman Planička
   Zodiac Galleys Europe s.r.o. – Philippe Michel
  Řízení letového provozu s.p. – Richard Klíma

Supervisory Board

The supervisory board is authorized to exercise a supervisory role and it consists of chairman and two other members.

Chairman                                                   Znojemské strojírny s.r.o. – Luděk Blažek
   Quittner & Schimek s.r.o. – Jiří Šimek
   Charvát AXL a.s. – Jiří Patka

Executive Director

Executive Director coordinates CCAI activities to meet the CCAI goals in its strategy.

Executive director                                     Alice Undusová
Coordinator/Analyst    Vojtěch Vávra


Articles of Association

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Fee schedule

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