Christmas meeting of CCAI members had a very relaxed atmosphere. Don’t miss equally relaxed micro-interviews!

On Thursday 14 December, representatives of companies associated in the Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry met in Prague KOGO restaurant for informal session. The meeting had a very relaxed pre-Christmas atmosphere even though the attendees found time to discuss latest news about European Defence Fund. Members gave positive feedback on the events CCAI organised during this year, especially the panel discussion on 3D printing in aviation and the round table of representatives of students, universities and industrial companies. Professional public also appraised latest activities of the Confederation in external communication.

In 2018, Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry plans to organise more panel discussions and round tables. The next discussion should take place in March or April. Topic of the meeting is not set yet so we will appreciate any relevant suggestions.

During the Christmas event, we managed to shoot couple of informal micro-interviews with managers from main Czech aerospace companies. And they will convince you that leaders of Czech aviation industry have a special sense of humour as well as many inspirational ideas.

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