CCAI history

Tradition of the Czech aviation industry

  • 32,000 aircraft delivered
  • 37,000 aero engines delivered

Aircraft and aero engine design, development and production in the Czech Republic has tradition lasting more than 100 years.

Czech companies manufactured and delivered to customers more than ten thousand military jet aircraft (L-29, L-39, L-59, L-159, MiG), 1,100 transport aircraft and thousands of agricultural and sport planes and gliders.

 Military aircraft
  • 3,600 light training jets – L-29 Dolphin aircraft
  • 3,000 advanced training and light combat jets – L-39/59/159 aircraft
  • 3,700 MiG 15/19/21 (licensed production)
Civil aircraft
  • 1,100 commuter aircraft – L-410 aircraft
General aviation aircraft
  • 8,000 aircraft with MTOM < 450 kg
  • 6,000 aircraft with MTOM > 450 kg


L-29 Dolphin


The Confederation of the Czech Aviation Industry – CCAI

reflects long history of Czech aviation and its specific culture.

  • Was established in 9th June 2011.
  • Network of companies strengthening values for their customers, stakeholders, employees and society.

CCAI includes members, which are at the forefront of aerospace industry in the Czech Republic and which decided to work together to extract mutual benefits from joint collaboration, reinforce their expertise and state-of-the-art specialized activities, improve competitiveness and aviation qualifications across the local industry.

The CCAI foundation was a result of their members’ decision to be more responsive together to worldwide changes in the aviation industry, flexible to its customers with the widest product portfolio supporting business of their customers. By determining new priorities and challenges through action plans, members in CCAI have become more effective on the worldwide markets.