Embraer KC-390 military transport makes successful first flight

São José dos Campos – SP, February 3, 2015 – Embraer today successfully performed the first flight of the new military transport and aerial refueling jet, the KC-390. Test pilots Mozart Louzada and Marcos Salgado de Oliveira Lima and flight test engineers Raphael Lima and Roberto Becker flew the aircraft for 1 hour and 25More »

The production of aircraft interiors and equipment has grown and number of employees in Pilsen has increased over 60 percent

The Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. Company has introduced a new type of aircraft galleys for Airbus. Production plants of Zodiac Galleys Europe ltd. in Pilsen at Borská pole are currently producing 35 sets per month – composed of aircraft galleys and crew rests for Airbus that is approximately 5 more than in 2013. The numberMore »

Two new members joined CCAI at the last meeting in Semily

This year’s third meeting of CCAI took place in Charvát AXL in Semily on 29.5.2014. Two new members joined the CCAI at that meeting – Aviation Navigation Services of the Czech Republic and Flying Academy s.r.o. In the evening less formal part of the meeting took place – visit to Svijany brewery followed by thoroughMore »

Number of employees, exports and revenues of CCAI member companies showed significant growth in 2013

CCAI Press Announcement 14th  May, 2014   Nineteen companies joined in Czech Confederation Aviation Industry provided its financial data to the CCAI in order to be able to compile confederation statistics for 2013 year and it resulted into a very positive image of the Czech Aviation industry!  All major indicators such as export, sales, profitMore »

BEKO Engineering became the twenty-seventh member of CCAI

BEKO Engineering, spol. s r.o. was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of Austria´s largest company in the fields of industry using the computers science BEKO Engineering & Informatik AG, forming an important part of technologically oriented Holding company providing services BEKO HOLDING AG. BEKO Engineering, spol. s r.o. is one of holding´s branch. It is focused onMore »

ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. signed contract on supply of 15 light training airplanes Z-242L to the South America

ZLIN AIRCRAFT a.s. celebrates  80th anniversary of its existence this year and just announced signature of contract for delivery of another 15 light trainers Z-242L to Latin American customer. This is a follow-on of last year’s successful delivery of 5 aircraft.  Double-seaters Z 242 L certified also in the aerobatic category and equipped with digital avionics will beMore »